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X Forum AQUASIS | 18 November 2022

The "X AQUASIS Forum on Experiences and Disclosure of Good Practices" was held last November 18th in the Grand Auditorium of the National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC), in Lisbon.

The X Forum, with the main theme "Challenges to Efficient Infrastructure Management", again had the intervention of a prestigious range of professionals and personalities from the sector, specialists in their areas, who brought to debate some of the main challenges that the sector has been facing to face, pointing out the paths for the future.

The high number of participants and the sharing of knowledge, experiences and reflections provided by the guest speakers, to whom AQUASIS extends a special thanks, were decisive for the success achieved.

Opening the Event, Eng. João Feliciano, CEO of AGS and President of the Board of Directors of AQUASIS, and Eng. Helena Alegre, representing Eng. Laura Caldeira, President of the Board of Directors of LNEC, gave the welcome to all participants. In their speeches, they highlighted the importance of the Forum's theme and the venue, LNEC. They also thanked the moderators, speakers, the guest keynote speaker, sponsors, those present and all those who actively contributed to the Forum.

This was followed by the intervention of the keynote speaker, Eng.º Jaime Melo Baptista, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LIS-Water and Technical Coordinator of PENSAARP 2030, who focused his intervention on the theme “Challenges to the efficient management of infrastructures – Where we are and where do we want to go?”, highlighting the existing context, the vision and objectives we must have, the need for a strategic plan, the objectives and measures and their prioritization, incentives and other stimuli, highlighting the importance of PENSAARP 2030.

Also in the morning, the 1st Panel took place, dedicated to the theme of the Forum “Challenges to Efficient Infrastructure Management”, which had the participation of Dr. Miguel Carrinho, from Águas do Ribatejo, from Dr. Nuno Medeiros, from EPAL, Eng.º Carlos Custódio, from Águas de Cascais, and Eng.º Miguel Alarcão, from Sesimbra Town Hall. The moderation fell to Dr. Nuno Campilho, from Águas do Baixo Mondego and Gândara. Each of the Management Entities represented, shared and debated among themselves and with the audience the different approaches and the way in which each EG faces the challenges of the efficient management of the respective infrastructures.

In the afternoon, the 2nd panel took place, dedicated to the theme “Paths for the future”, and the final intervention, on the theme “The digital transformation in the urban water sector”

In the 2nd Panel of this Forum, with the theme “Paths for the future”, the guest speakers made their analysis of some of the main challenges facing the sector. With Eng.º José Pestana as moderator, specific topics were addressed and analyzed, with the aim of providing the EG with financial, material and human resources, necessary for their efficiency, growth and innovation. The panel included the following speakers, each of whom developed, in their respective intervention, the indicated “path to the future”:
• Eng. Nélia Sousa, ARM | Efficiency in decision making
• Eng. Helena Alegre, LNEC | Asset Management
• Eng. Tiago Carvalho, Águas de Alenquer | Caption and Retention of Human Resources
• Eng. António Eusébio, Águas do Algarve | Water Reuse
• Eng. Inês Trindade, ERSAR | Financing

Eng.ª Ana Rita Santos, from AGS, was responsible for the last intervention of the Forum with the theme “The digital transformation in the urban water sector”. In his speech, he conveyed his analysis and knowledge sharing on the importance of digitization as a support to the challenges of efficiency and resilience of urban water services, pointing out the steps on the path to digital transformation.

The Event was sponsored by the following entities, whom AQUASIS thanks for their support: LNEC, AGS, Hexagon, Actemium, Axians, Inout, NovEGT, GEO ORBITAL - Trimble SIG, Siemens, Tecnilab, Allbesmart, APDA and PPA.