GIS - Consulting Services / Study Development

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Consulting Services / Study Development

Supply and implementation

Defining data models, configuring, importing and validating data.

Technical assistance

Support in using the G/InterAqua solution.

Maintenance and support of the G/InterAqua solution

Evolutionary maintenance Specific developments Integration with other information systems

Hydrological Modeling

Generation of hydrographic network and hydrographic basins from Digital Terrain Models, obtaining basin parameters (drainage area, average altitude, maximum altitude, minimum altitude, among others).

Climatological Modeling

Generation of surfaces and isolines of climatic variables from the location of climatological stations, using interpolation processes. Obtaining thiessen polygons.

Terrain Modeling

Generation of isolines, obtaining elevations, slopes, among others, from digital terrain models.

Modeling and Optimization of paths

Determination of optimized road circuits based on distance criteria and other relevant weights.


Use of Hexagon tools - GeoMedia Production Suite (Geomedia GRID, Geomedia Terrain, or Geomedia Transportation)