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Meterwise is a software for the integrated management of the park of water meters in supply networks

How it works?

Data Collection and Integration


Data for each meter is collected and automatically integrated into Meterwise

Data processing


Meterwise processes and calculates measurement errors based on diameter, consumption, age, brand, etc.

Integrated management


Lists with the results are generated, where the counters to be replaced, potentially stopped, anomalous consumptions, poorly dimensioned, etc., are identified.

Alarms and Operationalization


From the results, the amount corresponding to the invoicing losses of the sub-measured volumes is calculated. A plan for replacing the meters is proposed based on the calculations obtained based on the useful life, return on investment, etc.

Efficient network management


After defining the replacement plan, the monthly readings are kept in Meterwise for continuous meter management, historical consumption analysis and combating apparent losses


What do I get with Meterwise?

Reduction of apparent losses by 40%*

Increased billing by 10% on replaced meters

Replacement project with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of around 65%*

20%* time reduction in detecting stopped counters

5%* increase in the number of counters identified as poorly sized

Estimate of global sub-measurement errors and consequent loss of revenue

Detection of partially stopped counters

Detection of anomalous consumption (which may indicate unauthorized uses)

Alerts for data reliability issues regarding the registration of counters

Optimization of the counter replacement policy

Definition of meters to be replaced contributing to the improvement of economic performance

Improved water balance estimation

Improved quality of data reported to ERSAR

Correct sizing for each customer (based on their consumption), reducing the average error of the counters

Simplifying the planning of the meter acquisition process

(*) The values presented are a reference and may be different depending on the initial status of the park and the management entity's meter replacement policies

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