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More efficient operational management of networks and infrastructures

231 200 work orders
231 200
work orders
1875 operational routines
1010 users

How it works?

Web - Processes


System administration
Service Requests and Incidents
Registration and Planning of Work Orders
Allocation of Work Orders to operational teams
Parameterization of Operational Routines
Schedule of scheduled work
Message boards, between users and profiles
alarm boards
Conversation (chat) between users connected to the system
Georeferencing of occurrences and work orders
Query registration data from GIS
Advanced features of the integration with GIS G/InterAqua:
- Information search
- Registration data query
- Optimization of valve closing
- Identification of customers affected by supply shortages

Mobility - Processes


Possibility of working online or offline

Automatic georeferencing of all activity

Association of interventions to infrastructure registration elements

Possibility to document all activity with photos taken from tablet or smartphone

Quick consultation of documents and other files related to the tasks to be performed


Benefits of using Aquaworks

Control of operational activities

Systematization, standardization and monitoring of operational processes

Increased process efficiency with
improved water quality
and cost reduction

Increased productivity

Optimization of performed tasks

Information management

Overall improvement in service quality

Integration with information systems
No duplication of data collection and updating

Intervention cost analysis

Association of interventions to assets (GIS, ERP)

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