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Flowise is a real-time analysis and monitoring software for water supply and wastewater networks.

How it works?

Data Collection and Integration


Cadastral information is collected from the network and sensor data (pressure, flow, temperature, speed, precipitation, etc.), with subsequent integration into Flowise

Network monitoring


Flowise processes the data by zone and compares it with the history (default generated by Flowise for the respective zone)

Integrated Analysis


Alarms are generated based on the differences between actual values ​​and expected values, classifying them by intervention type and priority

Alarms and Operationalization


Generated alarms are resolved and categorized by users, relevant teams, including operational teams, for quick and effective intervention

Efficient Network Management


Based on the monitoring, reports and statistics relating to events, operational management and consumption and infiltration behavior are produced


Benefits of using Flowise

In the water supply networks:

Identification of non-visible leaks and anomalies

Reduction of water losses and evaluation of lost volumes

Reduction in operational teams' active leak detection times

Analysis of the effectiveness of operational activities in reducing minimum flow rates

Increased billing (referring to the detection of theft or lost volumes)

In wastewater drainage networks:

Improved knowledge of the system through the quantification of total infiltration

Identification of the influence of precipitation events on the drainage network

Determining dry and wet weather patterns

Reduction of action time in the detection of obstructions and floods

Reduced operating costs in lifting stations and treatment stations

Determination of critical points in the drainage system

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