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IX Fórum de Partilha de Experiências e Divulgação de Boas Práticas

This year under the theme “PRR – Impact on the Water Sector” we will be pleased to have the participation of the Hon. Ms. Secretary of State for the Environment, Eng. Inês Costa, presiding and intervening in the opening of the IX AQUASIS Forum, and Prof. António Costa Silva as guest speaker.

Considering the “Strategic vision for the economic recovery plan for Portugal 2020-2030”, developed by Prof. António Costa Silva, whose result was the support for the development of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), the strategic options identified in this plan should be translated into measures that make it possible to change the structural constraints that inhibit and limit the country's economic development.

The results of this work were incorporated into the National Strategy and structured in three dimensions: Resilience, Climate Transition and Digital Transition.

In this context, AQUASIS promotes the IX Forum for Sharing Experiences and Dissemination of Good Practices, under the theme “PRR – Impact on the Water Sector”.

In this IX Forum, it is intended to enhance this vision and strategy, in particular for the Water Sector, and to point out ways to follow, with the purpose of providing the Managing Entities with the same tools and financing mechanisms, so necessary for their stabilization, innovation and growth.

On November 16th and 17th, 6 workshops will be held dedicated to specific solutions for the water sector.

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