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AQUASIS staff are part of the national and regional structure of the Order of Engineers

On the 12th of February, the election of the National, Regional and Local Bodies of the Order of Engineers took place, for the triennium 2022-2025.

The National Bodies of the Order of Engineers (OE) took office on March 25, in a ceremony held in Lisbon, during which the social bodies elected for the OE's Southern Region were also sworn in.

 In addition to the new Chairman, Eng.º Fernando de Almeida Santos, the National Vice-Presidents, the President of the Assembly of Representatives, and other members of this body were also sworn in. Engineers elected to the National Audit, Jurisdictional and Admission and Qualification Councils, National College Councils and Specialization Committees also took office.

 It is with satisfaction that AQUASIS highlights the presence of two of its staff in the governing bodies of the new mandate, integrating relevant areas of engineering: Eng.º Jorge Manuel Dias Coutinho Lopes, who took office as deputy coordinator of the Specialization Commission of Geographic Information (national scope), and Eng.º Emídio Alexandre Alves Gil Santos, as a member of the Regional Council of the College of Computer Engineering (South Region).